Angelic Bracelet


Angelic Bracelet

Clear your mind and protect your emotional well being with this glorious Angelic Bracelet. With a harmonious combination of rose quartz, cloudy quartz, crackle crystal, and selenite, this bracelet provides deep healing and inner emotional strength. Embrace the beauty of this bracelet’s tones with some of your favorite outfits and let your soul heal while your mind clears of all that unnecessary noise.

The Stones and their Power

Rose quartz: 

The healing power of the rose quartz stone elevates our ability to gain connection in our relationships while bringing all our chakras into harmony. Whether it be a romantic or friendly relationship, the rose quartz delivers our chakras the beauty of unconditional love. It helps to purify and open our hearts to the world around us, strengthening our relationships with others and the present moment. Through its balancing ability, the rose quartz brings balance to our lives, providing us a feeling of inner harmony and stability.

Cloudy quartz:

Embrace the cloudy quartz and its ability to boost your emotional courage. With known healing powers for mind stimulation, this beautiful stone provides our memory the clarity it needs to feel sharper and clearer each day. Cloudy quartz works to harmonize our chakras, helping to balance our spiritual and emotional well-being. Protect your inner strength with the emotional courage powers that the cloudy quartz helps to bring out in all of us.

Crackle Crystal:

Counteract your inner negative energy with the harmonious powers of the crackle crystal. With beautiful healing abilities, this crystal helps us align with our inner chakras while elevating feelings of peace and tranquility in our life. The crackle crystal is a popular meditative stone with its power to clear our mind while enhancing our emotional energies.


Clear your mind, soul, and surroundings with the purifying power of selenite. Its beautiful glow is known to help calm your spirit and be incredibly beneficial for meditation. Selenite works to empower our environments and recharge our energy by allowing us to access higher guidance. Embrace the spiritual healing power of selenite as you meditate and reconnect with your inner peace.