Balancing Bracelet


Balancing Bracelet

Find balance in your life with this elegant Howlite Bracelet. With blue goldstone (thought to be the ideal stone for empaths) and Howlite combined, this beautiful charming bracelet helps calm negative energy while providing a soothing remedy for inner healing. The radiant contrast between the bold and dark, blue gold stone against the pearly marble that Howlite resembles makes this bracelet a truly unique piece.

Balancing Chakras

Do you ever have those times when you feel completely disconnected from yourself? When it feels like you are living and breathing, but not present with your feelings and intuition. When this happens, it is most commonly related to blockages in your chakras. You feel out of touch with your authentic self, making your days less enjoyable, less creative, and even less productive. By clearing, and realigning your chakras using holistic remedies, you can regain your full potential and start living each day with more ease, joy and presence.

The Stones and their Power


If you have been surrounded by negative energy lately, then embrace the absorbing and revitalizing abilities that Howlite provides. Slow down your mind with Howlite and its cleansing powers. This tone will provide a less-cluttered state of mind, and bring you clarity, allowing you to focus on peace, calm and balance within.

Blue Gold Stone:

Known as the ideal stone for empaths, blue gold stone promotes self-acceptance while soothing hypersensitivity to external energies. This stone has a beautifully harmonious healing energy, allowing your mind, body, and soul to reconnect and you chakras to realign. Relieve trapped anxiety from your body with blue gold stone and its power to let you heal through self-acceptance.