Heart Chakra Bracelet


Heart Chakra Bracelet

Bring all your chakras into harmony and unity with the heart with this beautiful Heart Chakra Bracelet. With a harmonious blend of flower jade and balancing rose quartz, this bracelet sings with unique style. Wear the Heart Chakra bracelet to bring you peace and healing through the heart.

Balancing Chakras

Do you ever have those times when you feel completely disconnected from yourself? When it feels like you are living and breathing, but not present with your feelings and intuition. When this happens, it is most commonly related to blockages in your chakras. You feel out of touch with your authentic self, making your days less enjoyable, less creative, and even less productive. By clearing, and realigning your chakras using holistic remedies, you can regain your full potential and start living each day with more ease, joy and presence.

The Stones and their Power

Rose quartz:

The healing power of the rose quartz stone elevates our ability to gain connection to ourselves and our relationships while bringing all our chakras into harmony. The rose quartz delivers our chakras the beauty of unconditional love. It helps to purify and open our hearts to the world around us, strengthening the relationship we have with ourselves, with others, and the present moment. Through its healing ability, the rose quartz brings balance to our lives, providing us a feeling of inner harmony and stability.

Flower jade:

Jade is commonly recognized for its soothing and purifying healing energy. It eases emotional distress and brings about serenity, tranquility, and an overall sense of harmony and calm. Jade helps to open our hearts so we can become aware of any uncomfortable truths that need healing. This helps to elevate our emotions, promoting a healthy release and reconnection with ourselves.