Heal Your Love Wounds
Coaching Package

I am feeling lost, overwhelmed, defeated and don't know what to do.

When you put everything you have into your relationships with little in return,  you start to lose the connection to yourself.   You don’t know who you are or what you even want anymore.  You may even doubt that such a deeply loving and connected relationship even truly exists or if it is possible for you.

This 4 month coaching package is for you when:

  • you are ready to give yourself permission to take a break from looking for love outside yourself so you can reconnect with who you are today.
  • the fear of being in another failed relationship out-weighs the fear of healing your love wounds,
  • you are tired of being taken advantage of, abandoned, rejected, disappointed, heart-broken and thinking there is something wrong with you because in spite of your big heart you still haven’t found the love you deserve.

This 4 month coaching package gently guides you through your own process of self-discovery to heal the pain of your past.  

My desire is to help you find more self-love, a greater respect and acceptance for yourself , to help you see that boundaries without guilt are a very good thing, to trust yourself and your intuition so you feel good about walking away from what is not for you yet having an open heart to receive love that is for you.

This is all possible for you!


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