The importance of healing your broken heart

If you are like me then you like to travel a lot. But even if you don’t enjoy extensive travel, perhaps you like to camp.



Regardless, each time you leave on a vacation you pack and then you unpack when the vacation ends. But imagine if you never unpacked.  What if you just left the unwashed clothes in your suitcase so they were ready for the next time you went on vacation. No one does that! right?



Not taking time to heal from a relationship is like taking a suitcase of dirty laundry on your next vacation.


No one does that when it comes to vacations but we do that when it comes to relationships when we haven’t taken time to heal and find ourselves.


If you are coming out a relationship that you have invested a significant amount of your time and energy and you have an emotional connection to your ex, by moving on to a new relationship, without unpacking and healing from this past relationship, you are taking all that old luggage with you into the new relationship.


Now image if you get into that new relationship. You invest into it, become emotionally attached and then it also ends but you quickly move on to a new relationship, now you bring the two old suitcase, which weren’t unpacked and healed, with you.


And the process and the cycles repeat themselves until you take some time to unpack it all and heal those love wounds.


When a relationship that we have emotionally connected to ends, there is without a doubt a lot of heart pain.


The emotional connection I’m referring to is one that leaves you deeply hurt and that hurt is difficult to overcome. Not only have you lost someone you loved but you also lost the dreams and the future you saw with them.


These relationship endings bring up all your inner fears, insecurities and feelings about yourself and it makes you VERY uncomfortable. You get lost in remembering the good times, you romanticize the past, you feel lonely, and alone.


Who wants to deal with all those thoughts feelings and emotions. Isn’t it better or easier to just numb the pain away or better yet, find new love?


The Rebound. Sometimes it’s therapeutic and sometimes not.


I’ve done this! Sometimes the rebound jolts you into realizing you need to take some time to figure out who you are and what you want. Other times, the rebound will find you in another karmic relationship that is trying to teach you to place a higher value on yourself and stop putting up with such shitty behaviour from other people.


But are you looking for love in all the wrong places?


I’ve done that too. Believing that a new relationship will fill the empty space in your heart and THIS TIME things will be different. They never are.


How do you start to change it all?


How do you take yourself to a higher level of love?


I always encourage any woman who is experiencing a lot of heartache in love to take at least 6 months to a year off before getting back out there.




Here is why.


You need time release the fragments of energy that are tied to your last relationships.


Energetically you give pieces of yourself to your relationships. They become scattered and attached to the person, to the good times you had, the life you imagined, the way you broke up, the fights you had, the regrets, the disappointments, the longing, and so on.


These are all fragments of energy that need to be released. As you release the fragments and start to recall your personal power you find forgiveness for yourself and your childhood experiences.


This is deep healing and is massively transformative if you allow yourself this time to heal.


I hope you found this helpful.

Sending you good energy for the time you take to for yourself.


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