The Taker & The Giver. The opposite sides of boundaries

When we have feelings of unworthiness or are lacking in self confidence and self esteem we will tend to have weak personal boundaries. We will sit on either side of the boundary scale; either the ones who gives too much of themselves or the one who takes what the other is giving and makes everyone else responsibility for the problems in their life and how they feel about it. This equation is the giver and the taker and like all of life there needs to be balance. So it is with this duo. In this video I talk about the taker side of the equation. Sending you love and light! Iris Book a complimentary consultation by emailing: Watch these other videos: Tips to protecting your energy as a highly intuitive empath: The axious/ambivalent attachment type: The Anxious/Avoidant Trap: Follow me on INSTAGRAM: Visit my website:

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