Welcome to Module 1!

In this module, you will learn about the foundation you need to build upon to reconnect with yourself – who you really are.
I am really excited that you’re here with me and to share this information with you. Because, I know how transformational
this particular module has been for my own personal reconnection with myself.

So, let me share a little bit of my journey. I will be walking you through the exact steps that I went through that helped me reconnect back to who I am. Several years ago, I was in an awful place in my life. I felt like I was walking around through life having this out of body experience. Nothing that I was experiencing in my life at that time felt good to me.

My relationship that I was in didn’t feel good to me. The work that I did, didn’t feel good to me. I was stuck in this place of not being able to figure out how to fix any of it. Or how to change it! One of the things I remember thinking back then was, “How can I change my external circumstances, so that I feel better?”.

It took me a lot of years to figure out that it wasn’t the external experiences that needed to change in order for me to feel better about the things, the people, and the experiences that I had in my life. It actually was the other way around. I had to re-jig the inside of me, so that my exterior circumstances and environments would reflect the changes that I was making on the inside. So, let me say that once more, but in a different way.

In order for us to have different experiences externally, we have to work on the inside first. The outside, i.e. – our experiences, the people we hang around with, the influences we have, the money we have, and the happiness and joy we have in our relationships, whether they’re intimate relationships, friendships, or relationships with our families; all of these experiences change once we do the inside work.

I found, for me, in order to be able to change that within myself, I needed to reconnect with myself. As I said, I was continuously walking around having these out of body experiences, because I was so unaligned with everything in my life.

This is important, as this is going to set the entire foundation for this program. It’s going to help you reconnect with who you are. The reason for this? It’s because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Often, we are thinking the exterior needs to change for us to have a better internal experience. But, it’s the other way around!

When we have these extreme out of body experiences, unhappiness, unfulfilling and unsatisfying work, and relationships. When joy doesn’t seem to exist in our lives, or it only comes in little blips.

It is because our soul, our higher self – the spiritual, metaphysical beings that we are is out of alignment with our path, and with what is true and right for us. So, what we want to do throughout this whole process is reconnect back with who we are. Often, we’ll experience discomfort, a lack of joy, and a lack of satisfaction in our lives. Our spirit, our soul, is trying to say:

“Hey, you’re going down the wrong path. This no longer resonates with you. It no longer aligns with you. These people that you are associating with or collaborating with, they don’t share the same values. They’re not in alignment with you”.

The more we resist coming back into alignment with ourselves, the more pain we feel. So basically, that level of unhappiness and disconnect is really our soul trying to speak to us and say, “Hey, come on back over here! Let’s get back into the flow of things”. But, we don’t hear that.

We only feel it, and we only have experiences reflecting our unhappiness. The more we resist that feeling that we know needs to change, the more pain it causes us in our lives. This was one of the biggest epiphanies that I had. It kind of came smacking down on me as a result of certain experiences that I would have in my life.

In Terra, they call it the tower moment. When, all of a sudden, your life changes so quickly that you lose everything. Everything that you thought was real in your life. Everything you were clinging to for safety and security. All of that vanishes suddenly, and you’re left to pick up the pieces.

So, it’s through those big moments that you realize, “Something in my life has to change,”. It’s in those moments that you start taking those small steps towards something. Sometimes you don’t even know what that is, and that can be a really difficult transition. You start taking those small baby steps towards something. Something that at least feels good to you.

Here is the big secret.

So, you’ve had the big epiphany. Something that has happened that disrupts everything in your normal day-to-day. It could be someone passing away. It could be losing your job. It could be your partner leaving, or you deciding to leave your partner. Whatever it is, it is normally some big thing that is earth-shattering to you. It leaves you scrambling to figure out, “What the heck am I doing?!”.

That’s the point where you realize that things have to shift and change. It’s usually that whole process of becoming so disconnected from your flow and from who you are. From allowing your soul to grow so that you can move on to have more happiness, more joy, more peace, more flow in your life.

We are going to talk about flow as we go through this module. Flow is essentially allowing things to be – to come into your life, and to flow out of your life. Sometimes that’s thoughts. Sometimes that’s people. Sometimes that’s physical things that we have. Flow is everything, with an attachment to nothing. Now, we won’t dive too deep into that just yet. We will cover flow as we move through this module.

What I want you to know is the foundation for reconnecting to who you are as a spiritual being, having this physical experience, and changing the dynamics of your external world by changing your internal world, is by making time for yourself. Making yourself a priority in your life.

Taking the time to get quiet within yourself. That involves some of the processes that I went through that really helped me reconnect to who I was. And that is through mindfulness, through meditation, through releasing things that no longer worked in my life. Some of them were outside of my control, yet everything was part of my co-creative process – I contributed to all of it.

Like you, you are also contributing to every single experience that you’re having in your life. So, as much as things might not be flowing smoothly in your life right now, I know that, once you get in flow with yourself, your external is going to reflect that new flow.

So, this is what you can expect in this first module. We are going to lay the foundation through a mindfulness, meditative process. You are going to carve out time for yourself. This is really important, because often times, we don’t make time for ourselves. We make time for everybody else. We make time for everybody’s wants, needs, and desires.

We put ourselves on the back burner. We over give ourselves. We overextend ourselves and allow ourselves to get way too stressed out about things. We are sacrificing our souls. We are selling our souls for something. That something could be money, it could be vanity, a relationship, safety, or security.

Through you carving out time for yourself, knowing that you matter as much as anyone else out in the world. Whether it’s a boss, a relationship – whatever it happens to be, you matter too.

I know this with 100% certainty for every single person on this planet. You matter.

The more you take care of yourself and are true to yourself, the better you are going to show up for other people in your life in a healthy way – with boundaries (loving boundaries). Boundaries is something we will cover in this program also. I know that a lot of people have trouble with boundaries.

But, to start with, we are going to be making you a priority in your own life.
Because if you don’t, no one else will.

So, welcome again to this module. I wish you so much success and I believe in you. I believe that you can reconnect with yourself. I believe you are going to experience that joy, happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment in your life. If you follow the steps that I took, you are going to get to a place in your life, your being, your heart, and your soul where you feel good about who you are, what you’re doing in your life and career, and with the people you surround yourself with.

I know that you can get back to that place of peace, love, harmony, and balance that has you feeling connected to who you are.

So, I’ll see you on the next video!