What is your Attachment Type?


If you've ever wondered why your relationships are always a mess somehow your attachment type may provide some answers for you.

There are 4 main attachment types that psychology describes as how we connect emotionally with people; how close we allow ourselves to be to another, how trusting we are, how much we rely on others or how much we allow others to rely on us are some examples.

Although we see it predominately in our romantic relationship it does flow through to our friendships, work relationships, and family dynamics. For the purposes of this quiz we focus on the romantic attachments.

So how do we acquire our attachment type? It started when we were very young. We learned through experience how our emotional needs were met. For example, some were punished for crying, some were held and comforted, some had a mixture of both - sometimes punished, sometimes comforted. Some came from abusive homes, some were abandoned, some found safety and security within their family unit.

All of the experiences helped us to mold a pattern to either protect ourselves from others emotionally, while others learned that they were loved when they did good things so they sacrifice themselves to be loved, others learned a combination of both and some learned to give, receive and express themselves in a balanced way.

All our beliefs happen on a sub-conscious level until we become aware. This quiz will provide an awareness of your predominant type and how you can start to change the patterns in your relationships and heal your love wounds.

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How comfortable are you with your partner relying on you? *
How do you feel about intimacy and closeness in your relationship
When there is conflict and stress in your relationship you tend to