Relationship Coach,
Spiritual Mentor

About Iris

I spent most of my life looking for that relationship that would be my ‘happy ever after’, where I was searching for happiness outside of myself. It was only after losing my career, material things, losing two family members within a year of each other, and leaving a meaningful, long-term relationship before I started to discover who I am. I started this company in 2014, out of these past experiences with a desire to help others transform the way I did. I learned how it is through our relationships with others, self-love, and connecting our internal strength, that we become in touch with who we truly are.

Everything I went through in such a short amount of time was a humbling and TERRIFYING experience, yet it allowed me the chance to see what was holding me back from finding my happiness and discovering my self-worth. I learned to stop doing the things that kept me from my true inner-self, and I connected back to who I truly am. I learned that through everything, the best relationships in life happen when we have a secure connection to who we are.

I help my clients learn who they truly are. We will work together to build your confidence and self-worth. Through discovering yourself and your attachment type in relationships, you will become less fearful and more intentional about all aspects of your life. You will realize who we need to allow in our lives, and who we should let go, what we tolerate, what we can confidently walk away from, and what/who we should put our energy into. Most importantly, you will learn to trust yourself and your intuition above all else. My mission and true vision are to teach you the tools and support you through your own transformation, to help you discover yourself and celebrate your own happiness. We all deserve love, real relationships, meaningful connections, and a life that you feel blessed to be living. 

Why Self-Love is Important

Everyone needs self-love. Self-love motivates us to make healthy choices, to improve how we perceive ourselves, and how you project ourselves out into the world. Work with me to build up your self-esteem and self-worth.  Most of our problems show up in and through our relationships, and in the personal boundaries we have; over-giving, fearful of speaking up for ourselves or letting others be responsible for our actions and feelings. It is also reflected in how we treat ourselves and take care of our own needs. This keeps us in karmic cycles of unhealthy/toxic and unhappy in relationships until we heal our love wounds. Work with me today to gain confidence and find self-love within yourself.

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