It's Been a Long Journey, Soul Sister!


All you have ever wanted is to have a relationship that you feel confident and safe in.

One where you are appreciated and the love you generously give is given back to you.

The kind of relationship where:  

  • your emotional needs are being met,
  • there is balance, 
  • there is open communication, 
  • there is trust, 
  • your partner is as reliable as you, and
  • you feel you matter.

Yet your journey has left you wondering why you give so much of yourself in your relationships yet you are left dealing with:

  • sadness,
  • heart-break,
  • disappointment,
  • emotional trauma,
  • feeling abandoned, rejected, anxious, suspicious and never feeling secure in relationships, and
  • losing yourself in the relationship.

You keep searching for ‘the one’, hoping the next one will be different yet although the faces change the outcome is the same.

I love you for your commitment to searching for the one thing your soul is here to do:

To Love and Be Loved!

Is this you?

You are exhausted and don’t even know who you are anymore or remember the woman you were before you got into this relationship.  


You meet someone and they seem great! You breathe a big sigh of relief because FINALLY someone who is the real deal; attentive, responsive to your text/calls, you have things in common, they make you laugh, and the sex is amazing!  

Then something shifts!

* They become unreachable and seem to disappear.

* They have excuses and stories that don’t add up for you. 

* You become suspicious and anxious and this relationship starts to consume your every thoughts.

They were all in!  ‘What happened’, you ask yourself because this isn’t the first time this has happened.


You are in a relationship and things are okay.  You love your partner but there have always been things that are ‘off’ for you.  But you ignore the nagging feelings, hoping that things will sort themselves out and you’ll finally feel a deeper connection with them.  It never happens.


You have finally gathered the courage to end your relationship because you were unable get them to be who you needed them to be for you to feel settled and happy in the relationship. 

Somehow you found your way back together with the promise to work on things but things aren’t any better and in some ways they have become worse.


You have been single for a while now but the mere thought of being in a new relationship scares you because you do not want to have to go through the heart-break and sadness again yet deep inside you want to be in love.


You have made the decision to leave your relationship after several failed attempts. You know you have to leave but you also know you need support to help you through the process.

Taking a break from looking for love in all the wrong places

I am Iris Sirianni and, like you, I have not had an easy go when it came to relationships.

And like you, I have always believed that I am a good person, with a big heart, a lot of love to give and a lot that I bring to a relationship.  So why was it that I would invest so much of myself in my relationships only to be heart-broken?  The answer is below.

I had to take a break from ‘looking for love in all the wrong places’ so that I could start taking all the love that I was pouring in to someone else and turn that towards myself.

My pattern (although I couldn’t see it at the time) was choosing men who were emotionally unavailable, avoided commitment and had unresolved heart-break of their own in the form of:

  • childhood trauma,
  • recently separated,
  • recently divorced,
  • separated/divorced but still living together (the story was always the same – the relationship has been over a long time ago) and,
  • men who did not want to have a committed relationship with a woman who had 4 young kids.

The common denominator was me and my desire to want to take care of them, and love them so hard that it would heal their heart and I would be loved back in the same way.

The entire experience was the catalyst that started my awakening to see myself and all others as we walk on our own healing journeys…. together in oneness, yet travelling along our own unique path.

I now bring my light and healing experience to help you on your healing path.

Love to you.

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Who I work with best

We’re all soul-sisters and I have an immense heart to help you all on your healing journey….

I am for you if you:

  • are ready to end the repeating cycles and patterns and attract a new kinda romance,
  • want to reconnect with who you are,
  • want to learn how to trust yourself and have good boundaries,
  • want to see your value and what you have to offer,
  • are open-minded to spiritual concepts and healing,
  • are sensitive and see yourself as an empath,
  • value honesty and integrity, and
  • love leisurely Sunday mornings.

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