Intuitive Card Readings Booking

Are you are struggling in certain areas of your life, such as your relationships, career goals, or inner being? Are you looking for guidance and insight into moving forward and resolving these issues? An Intuitive Card Reading session will allow for a divine message to come to me, to help get you moving beyond your current situation guide you along this journey called life. Through an Intuitive Card Reading Session, receive clarity, insight, move forward, and learn about what the future holds for you.

An Intuitive Card Reading Session with me will be 20 minutes long. The session will be done remotely, and it is recorded. I will email you a link to your video within 48 hours. Similar to a Tarot Card Reading, I will build a story for you, based on the images the cards reveal to me. I will build connections to your life and the struggles you may be having, and through this story, I will help create clarity. I will ask you questions, and have you reveal your concerns so that I can properly interpret the reading. Readings are not just about predictions, I am here to help interpret the cards, so that I can assist in guiding you on a path of joy and happiness. I will act as a vessel to bring meaning to the cards, connect them to your life, and most importantly, to validate what you already know.