You attract relationships from Your point of Pain or Your Wholeness

You will attract all the people you need to learn the lessons you need to learn.  Every bad and failed relationship is showing you the parts of you that need healing.

You know healing is needed because your relationships are like this,

  • with people who are unable to commit but you keep trying to make it work,
  • with cheaters and liars,
  • where you do all the giving and you hang on to any bread-crumbs they give you,
  • you feel underlying anxiety in relationships and never feel fully settled in them,
  • relationships where you are emotionally beaten down and/or physically abused and manipulated,
  • you feel abandoned,
  • you feel invisible, irrelevant, unworthy and unlovable,
  • you feel taken advantage of,
  • you morph into someone you think the other person wants you to be,
  • you have hope that the next one will be different but it isn’t!

You invest so much of yourself into your relationships but it ends the same and you are left heart-broken!

When you stop to look at the common-denominator in all your relationships (YOU) and the common-thread that runs through all of your relationships (THE PATTERN) you will come to realize the problem has never been them (although they are on their own healing journey too).  Your patterns and the experiences you have as a result of those patterns are what need healing.

Your significant relationship experiences have been there, pushing you into spiritual growth and evolution; to heal, to grow, to know who you are, and ultimately knowing that you are worthy of being in a high vibration loving relationship.

How would you like to feel completely accepting of yourself, fully trusting yourself to make decisions that are right for YOU, feel more comfortable with boundaries, and walking away from situations and people that are unable support your growth so you can attract the love you have been looking for all this time?

All of this is possible for you when you are ready!

I am here to help you on your healing journey.  How can I help you best?

Anxious - Ambivalent

The Anxious - Ambivalent Attachment type has learned to anticipate rejection or abandonment. This type is vigilant in looking for signs that people they care about are losing interest in them. They relinquish and immerse themselves into their partner in the attempt to anticipate their partner's wants and needs, oftentimes at the expense of losing themselves.

Avoidant - Dismissive

The Avoidant - Dismissive Attachment type has learned to be solely contained within themselves and does not rely on others to meet their needs. They are independent, self-sufficient, and have a strong belief in their self-reliance. They do not look to others for comfort or support.

Fearful Avoidant - Disorganized

The Fearful Avoidant Attachment type is the most complex of attachment types. This type shares the extreme highs and lows of both the Anxious - Ambivalent and the Avoidant - Dismissive. They crave closeness and connection, but if their partner gets too close, they'll push them away, often with explosive energy.


(The most common of the attachment types) The Securely attached type has learned that it is safe to be open and express themselves in relationships. They can set healthy boundaries, to love and respect themselves, as well as others. They can rely on their partners and have their partners rely on them. They can efficiently resolve conflict in relationships, focusing on the solution rather than the problem.

If you are unsure what attachment type you are, please take my quiz to help you better understand yourself.

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