Self-Love & Relationship Coaching

There is a genuine feeling of confidence that washes over you when you realize that YOU ARE ENOUGH, you don’t need to be perfect and YOU ARE WORTHY of LOVE for being exactly who you are! 

Love is not self-sacrificing.  Love is a beautiful dance of walking beside another, supporting and contributing to each others growth, never tethered together, each one unique, individual and free to be themselves, fully, wholly, and completely accepted.

This is possible for you!

I am here to help you on your healing journey.  How can I help you best?

Anxious - Ambivalent

The Anxious - Ambivalent Attachment type has learned to anticipate rejection or abandonment. This type is vigilant in looking for signs that people they care about are losing interest in them. They relinquish and immerse themselves into their partner in the attempt to anticipate their partner's wants and needs, oftentimes at the expense of losing themselves.

Avoidant - Dismissive

The Avoidant - Dismissive Attachment type has learned to be solely contained within themselves and does not rely on others to meet their needs. They are independent, self-sufficient, and have a strong belief in their self-reliance. They do not look to others for comfort or support.

Fearful Avoidant - Disorganized

The Fearful Avoidant Attachment type is the most complex of attachment types. This type shares the extreme highs and lows of both the Anxious - Ambivalent and the Avoidant - Dismissive. They crave closeness and connection, but if their partner gets too close, they'll push them away, often with explosive energy.


(The most common of the attachment types) The Securely attached type has learned that it is safe to be open and express themselves in relationships. They can set healthy boundaries, to love and respect themselves, as well as others. They can rely on their partners and have their partners rely on them. They can efficiently resolve conflict in relationships, focusing on the solution rather than the problem.

If you are unsure what attachment type you are, please take my quiz to help you better understand yourself.

Before embarking on our one on one coaching sessions, I offer a complimentary consultation. The initial consultation will give us both an idea of what you are looking for, to address any of your concerns, and to see if we will be a good fit together.

Connect Back to Who You

Find Your Self Worth

Lets take a short quiz to learn about you! 

You give so much of yourself in your relationships to show your love yet you get so little in return. Your experience has been that you often feel taken advantage of and mostly feel unsettled, insecure and unhappy in your relationships. You long for a healthy relationship but you have a fear that this may not exist for you. A healthy relationship is waiting for you!

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Leaving a relationship you are unhappy in is a big decision especially when you have invested so much of your energy to try to find happiness in it. There is a part of you that still wants to try to make it work but you have tried everything. There is also a part of you that's ready to end it but you fear the heartache and the unknown. It's consuming your every thought.