Should i Stay or SHould i Go

I am struggling with my relationship and I am undecided if I should stay or go.

Twin-flame and karmic relationships that keep you playing out patterns in your relationship experiences are the ones that will not only show you the parts of you that need healing but they will also teach you beautiful, yet painful lessons that oftentimes ignite a spiritual awakening. 

They are the ones that are the most challenging and difficult to leave and to heal from.

It can be an extremely confusing, overwhelming and a painful experience. It is also likely that you’ve left the relationship before and you have found your way back together but you’re here, contemplating leaving it again.

There is so much history and love and you have given so much to the relationship which makes it all the more heart-breaking.

This coaching package guides you through the process of understanding yourself in the relationship and which option is best for you.

You have options




keep working to try to fix the problems 

focus inwards and work on healing yourself

choose to dissolve the relationship

What you can expect in this coaching program

Each choice has their own challenges but no choice is the wrong choice.  There is only clear understanding of where you are, what you need, what needs to change and ultimately a decision made from a place of clarity and understanding.


6 weekly coaching sessions to guide you through:

    • understanding yourself in the relationship,
    • understanding how you are giving your power away in the relationship,
    • how and why you are sacrificing your own needs and what that is costing you,
    • understanding the dynamics and patterns playing out in your relationship,
    • what shifts you can make to change the dynamics,
    • identifying your underlying fears about potentially ending the relationship,
    • exercises and steps to take between sessions,
    • email support between sessions,
    • supporting and guiding you to making the choice that is best for you at this time.

Cost:  $750

Ready for the next step?

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During this call you will have time to ask me any questions that you have.  Then if we both agree that we feel comfortable moving forward we will arrange payment and schedule our first call. 

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