It has been my experience working thousands of hours and helping hundreds of women of all ages that there are some key principals that change your patterns of over-giving, people pleasing, sacrificing your own needs, tolerating bad behaviour and exhausting yourself to the point of not even recognizing the woman you have become.

My Three Loving Key Principals

Trust Yourself by Connecting to a Higher Power

Do you trust yourself and your intuition? Creating a spiritual practice (of your choice) will connect you to a higher power which also exists inside you.
This principle alone sets the foundation for healing and trusting your intuition. Spiritual support to help you reconnect to who you are.

Patterns and Fear

Fear keeps you repeating patterns of giving too much in exchange for love and acceptance.   Teaching and guidance to help you understand how fear has you sacrificing yourself for love and how to free yourself.

Creating a bridge to turn your out-pouring of love, inwards

Great personal power is gained when you understand your beliefs and patterns.
Guilt-free healthy boundaries are formed and you learn to keep your love-cup full and give from the over-flow.


All three combined help you know who you are, know and communicate what you need, and love with an open heart. 

This is the place where beautiful love resides.

This is the place where love will find YOU because of your higher level of connection.

If these principals resonate with you consider starting with my guided meditation and weekly newsletter with insights and inspiration to help you on your path.

Peace and love soul sister.