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Heal Your Love Wounds

It's a horrible feeling when you lose yourself in a relationship.

You put everything you have into your relationships.  You give your heart and soul hoping that the love you give is the love that you will receive in return. 


You make sure to take care of your partners needs but soon see that your own needs aren’t being met.  Unhappiness grows and slowly you become lost in the relationship; feeling resentful, unworthy, unacceptable and not enough.


How did this happen?

Like so many women, you probably never had a strong sense of who you are at a deep level and then feel safe enough to be exactly who you are.


Society, family dynamics and cultural traditions caused you to conform and default to the expectations of others. You never had the opportunity to blossom into who you are.  Instead you were molded and you created an identity of who you needed to be to feel loved and accepted.  You never learned to fully express yourself, your wants, and your needs.  


What you did learn is to get love by being a certain way and hide parts of who you were so that were accepted by others, or you learned that love hurts so you built walls to keep people from getting too close because it’s safer.   


But now you can’t deny the buried pain and disappointment.  There is the part of you that wants to be free, to be seen and heard and loved.  You don’t what to have to try so hard and you’re wondering what’s wrong with you.


Perhaps you have tried therapy and have been reading books to help you understand what is happening.  Maybe you have also searched online to get help but although you have been able to take bits and pieces that have helped for a while nothing stuck and you end up in the same place feeling lonely, unhappy in love and maybe you are even scared to start dating for fear of the same thing happing again.


You are enough and you are worthy!

This is exactly what this program was created to help you see for yourself. 

My flight has been delayed for hours. I am having the best time meeting people!!! on the shuttle, at the bar! I can't tell you how liberating it is to know that I am enough! Just wanted to thank you yet again.

L.G New Jersey

How to know if this program is right for you?

This program is for you if:

  • you are tired of putting so much into your relationships to get so little in return,

  • you’re losing faith that love is meant for you,

  • you’re tired of the disappointment and heart-break,

  • you have a fear of being in another failed relationship,

  • you’re starting to ask what is wrong with you,

  • you are starting to convince yourself that it’s safer to be single, but

  • deep inside what you really want is to be loved.

Everyone arrives to do their inner healing at their own time so there is no judgment if you are not ready.  If you are not ready to forgive, let go, and transform the relationship you have with yourself, then this program may not be a fit for you at this time.


How this program will help you.

This program will help you discover the you that has been hidden for so long.

    • It will help you to learn to have boundaries without feeling guilty.

    • It will help you to trust yourself and your intuition.

    • It will help you have more confidence to have an opinion and speak up for yourself without feeling like someone will disapprove of you.

    • It will help you be more creative because you are investing energy into yourself.

    • It will help you to feel good about who you are and what you bring to a relationship knowing that you don’t have to sell your soul to be loved in return.

    • It will help you attract a partner that is the right person for you when the time is right, and

    • All of this will also help you if you are currently in a relationship.

Iris is without a doubt a beautiful human being. Her presence is warm, inviting and radiates love. Since working with her my struggling marriage turned back to the honeymoon phase after 15 years. Sex life, home life, business, everything seemed to improve. I will forever be grateful for Iris and how she helped me thru this amazing transition in my life.

L.H. Victoria

Your Coach

Iris Sirianni
It's a beautiful thing when you're ready to take a leap of faith into becoming someone you've never knew was their all along.

I have always believed that I am a good person, with a big heart, a lot of love to give and a lot that I bring to a relationship.  So why was it that I would invest so much of myself in my relationships only to be heart-broken?  The answer is below.


My pattern (although I couldn’t see it at the time) was choosing men who were emotionally unavailable, avoided commitment and had unresolved heart-break of their own.


Fixing their pain made me feel like I was somebody and that I deserved their love because I took care of them. 


It also made me feel very insecure when I felt neglected, it caused me to lose trust, and kept me co-dependent on them.  


The common denominator was always me and my desire to want to take care of them, and love them so hard that it would heal their heart and I would be loved back in the same way. Not that I wasn’t loved to the best of their ability….  I just chose the ones whose hearts weren’t available to love me back in the same way.


I hardly recognize the old me anymore but the entire experience was the catalyst that started my spiritual awakening to see myself from a higher perspective.  I began to recognize that all of the beliefs I had about who I needed to be to be loved were pushing me to finally heal my past so I could discover that I was already someone worthy and whole.


My style of coaching blends modern day spiritual concepts, my toolbox of skills that helped me transform,  all my training and the many years of helping women heal your own love wounds.


How does this program work?

This is a four (4) month, coaching program where we meet weekly either on the phone or via Zoom for 60-minutes or so.  The overall program includes the following:

    • An initial in-depth conversation that is all about you, your experiences and your ultimate goal,

    • Meditations to help you have greater awareness of who you are,

    • Teachings to help you learn to trust your intuition,

    • Guided visualization to connect you to your happy relationship experience,

    • Guided by me and designed by you for optimal resonance, affirmations to help you create new beliefs and connect you to your happy relationship experience,

    • Experiential tools to help you forgive and release what no longer belongs in your life and contributes to your growth,

    • One distance Chakra clearing and balancing Reiki session,

    • Weekly Oracle Card message,

    • Email contact and support between sessions.

Total price is $2000


Ready for the next step?

So am I. 

Please compete the form below and tell me a bit about yourself and how you’re doing.  There will be a few questions that I have for you also.

Once I receive your information we’ll schedule a short conversation so I can answer any questions that you have and we can talk about what happens next.

Sending you love,


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