Fear is a great teacher showing us the parts of us that needs to be healed.

More and more people are experiencing elevated levels of fear, stress and anxiety as a result of our changing times. It’s taking a toll on our mental health and many are starting to lose hope and faith wondering if life is even worth living.

Many are struggling financially, and many relationships are being put to the test.

There is more loneliness and isolation and we are overwhelmed with the fear of what’s to come.

There is a way through any dark period in life and in this video, I share some optimism, encouragement, hope and things you can do to see your fear and move beyond it so you are less impacted by its heaviness.

 3 Tips to help you move through your fear

What is helpful to know about the fear you are experiencing – 2:43

* Notice how you are feeling when you start to immerse yourself in the media and around people that invoke those feelings.

How our fear is our greatest teacher – 5:44

* Where does your fear come from. Why do you have this fear? and what would happen if you looked at your fear instead of suppressing it?

Remove the things in your life that no longer support your growth and bring you down – 8:40

* Let go of things that don’t make you feel good and ask yourself why you are holding on.

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Love and light beautiful one!





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