Healing Services

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently ONLY offering services in YOUR home or Distance Reiki.

Reiki & Distance Reiki

Reiki has become widely known for its healing ability by transferring the divine life force energy that is in all of us.   After activating the flow of energy I transfer the energy from the divine,  through your entire body,  paying particular attention to clearing and balancing your Chakras. 

During the treatment I channel messages from your guides that I share with you if you wish.  Clients enjoy the messages that come through and find great healing as oftentimes, I channel the presence of loved ones.

What to expect in your session

If you are a first time client I like to start with a short check-in with you to understand any concerns you are currently experiencing and so you understand what you can expect.

Each session starts with the opportunity for you to relax with a short meditation which I guide you through.  This also allows me to connect with your energy to channel messages that are for your highest good.

My intention is to ensure you are feeling comfortable, relaxed, and most importantly, safe!

Sessions are provided fully clothed and can be provided by placing my hands directly on your body or with no body contact.  Distance Reiki is also available.  In person sessions are 75 minutes.

Distance Reiki

For clients, who are unable to come in for a session, I do offer distance Reiki. Check in for your session over the phone, or on a Zoom video call so we can discuss any concerns you are having.  

You are not required to be present for the Reiki session as the focus of the loving energetic healing will be directed to you.  The energy will find its way to where it is needed.


Distance Reiki is $80.

Intuitive Energy Massage

The Intuitive Energy Massage is a holistic therapeutic massage technique that is designed to release energy blockages that are being held throughout your body. When energy becomes blocked we may experience pain in our joints and body.  It can also feel as though there is no flow in your life and impacts our mental health and overall well-being.


The gentle combination of massage, and the pushing and pulling of various body parts, allows you experience the release of energy.   You enter a deep, meditative state, that will help change your energy, current inner balance, and help with physical, spiritual, emotional and mental healing. 

What to expect in your session

Similar to a Reiki session with me, for new clients, I will begin with a 15 minute pre-coaching session to let you know what to expect over the next hour, to see what has brought you in for the session, and to address any questions or concerns you may have. For returning clients, we will do a check in to see how you have been since our last visit.

We will then move into a wind down on the table. The wind down will begin with five minutes of meditation. I want to ensure you are relaxed, and that your mind has de-stressed before we begin. Please note that you will remain fully clothed throughout the duration of the session.

The session will be a total of 90 minutes, where I will cover a variety of ailments, through different approaches, which begins with you telling me what you’ve been holding onto, inside yourself. An Intuitive Energy massage session is meant to help with deep healing. The IEM will help heal by combining energy healing modalities such as Reiki and White Light Healing. I will look into what specific joints and muscles are troubling you, and through body communication, gentle body stretching and minor and major Chakra alignment, you will experience inner relaxation, through this deep healing experience.  By the end of the session, you will feel new energy flowing through your body, and leave feeling more balanced and alleviated.

Access Bars

Release limitations that are holding you back in your life.  Life should be a gentle flow of give and receive.  However, we often find ourselves in a position of doing and too much giving that we inhibit or block our ability to receive.  We become stuck!

Access Bars® is a treatment which involves lightly touching and holding 32 points on and around the head.  Often referred to as ‘running the bars’, the gentle touch releases the electromagnetic energy held in each of the points corresponding to various aspects of life; love, joy, hopes, sexuality, aging, creativity, control, creation, connection, money, gratitude, etc.

Clients report they sleep better, their relationships and intimacy with their partners improved, they feel more calm and have greater clarity, their business had flourished and life just seems to flow with ease and joy.

Sessions are no longer than 90 minutes which allows us to connect before and after the treatment. 

For this treatment you are fully-clothed and are laying on the massage table, feeling completely warm and safe. Each session includes a short meditation to ensure you are relaxed, and that your mind has calmed before we begin.

Live life in ease, joy and glory!

Intuitive Card Readings (Recorded)

Are you are struggling in certain areas of your life, such as your relationships, career goals, or inner being? Are you looking for guidance and insight into moving forward and resolving these issues? An Intuitive Card Reading session will allow for a divine message to come to me, to help get you moving beyond your current situation guide you along this journey called life. Through an Intuitive Card Reading Session, receive clarity, insight, move forward, and learn about what the future holds for you.

An Intuitive Card Reading Session with me will be 20 minutes long. The session will be done remotely, and it is recorded. I will email you a link to your video within 48 hours. Similar to a Tarot Card Reading, I will build a story for you, based on the images the cards reveal to me. I will build connections to your life and the struggles you may be having, and through this story, I will help create clarity. I will ask you questions, and have you reveal your concerns so that I can properly interpret the reading. Readings are not just about predictions, I am here to help interpret the cards, so that I can assist in guiding you on a path of joy and happiness. I will act as a vessel to bring meaning to the cards, connect them to your life, and most importantly, to validate what you already know.

Once your payment has been submitted please email info@irissirianni.com with the following information: First and last name Date of Birth City, Province/State, Country Question or challenge you are wanting guidance for.

** All readings are video recorded, and a private link will be emailed to you within 48 hours.
*** Please note that I do not give legal or medical advice.

Single Session 1 on 1 Coaching

The key to the divine love you are wanting is to have it for yourself.

My 1 on 1 coaching began with a desire to help my clients have greater acceptance in life, and more love for themselves.  

I know how difficult it is to struggle with self-esteem and worthiness to receive love. Many women struggle to find a balance between how much they give of themselves and how much they allow others to give to them.    

Most of your problems show up through your relationships, and in the personal boundaries you have; over-giving, fearful of speaking up for yourself or letting others be responsible for their own actions and feelings, and the ability to just say no without guilt. 

When you book a session I will email you a form with some questions that will help me learn more about you and your current situation. We’ll spend the 60 minutes identifying what patterns and beliefs exist and you will receive actionable steps that you can implement right away to help you change your situation.

This session is $125 with the option to pay from your heart if you are unable to pay the full amount.

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